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Music Bingo & Smartphone Quiz

Smartphone Quizzes and Music Bingo are taking the pub and venue industry by storm!

Both activities offer an opportunity to boost midweek income for your business by creating a regular event that people come back to again and again. 

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pub or venue.


Music Bingo takes the traditional bingo card and replaces numbers with song names and artists.
The game can be played with pens and paper or with phones.  

  1. Listen To The Music

2. Cross off the Songs On Your Card 

3. Find All Your Songs Win Prizes!

Speed Quizzing game sign

The Smartphone Quiz takes the much-loved pub quiz and brings it to the 21st century.
There is no need for a pen and paper as everything is done from your phone. 

Speed Quizz game uses no pens, paper or cheating sign
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Something Different For Your Big Day.

Have you ever been to a wedding and sometimes the reception section of the day might be a bit boring?

Well, both of these activities are great options to consider to fill this time!

Customize your smartphone quiz!
Let’s see which of your guests knows the bride and groom best!

Start the party early with music bingo! Have your guest sing their favorite songs even before
the meal starts!

Enhance Your Day With One of These Activities.
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